Financial transactions visibility and reporting for a global corporation

Our client develops, finances, operates and monitors solar energy solutions worldwide, ranging from some of the world’s largest solar deployments to residential customers’ rooftops. A global leader in polysilicon and silicon wafer manufacturing, our client creates the foundation upon which most solar cells and semiconductor devices are built

Client Requirements

  • To perform a global rollout for Greece and Brazil
  • To implement financials, procurement and Projects.
  • Domestic and international intercompany transactions with AGIS
  • Sync up all existing customizations
  • Conduct implementation 100 % remotely from US and India

Key Challenges

  • Process ownership - Outsourced business process with local accounting firms abroad
  • Complex business model with high volume of project legal entities
  • High volume of Intercompany transactions.
  • Global business process vs. local compliances
  • Access and Security concerns as same recourses shared by multiple entities

Jade Global’s Solution – Global Rollout

  • Implemented Vanilla GL with Primary and one Secondary ledger for local reporting
  • Consolidated and eliminated on a Country level
  • Automated Global Intercompany System (AGIS) flows between holding company, consulting company and project companies to automate intercompany balancing
  • Management of High volume through Intercompany relations and custom LE configurator.
  • AP and PA customized to sync with existing custom process used in US org

Business Benefits

  • Global/International processes mapped on single application brought operational synergy
  • Better control and visibility in financial transaction and reporting
  • Centralized fund management through holding company owned pooled bank accounts