Jade Global Cloud Services

In past year there has been lot of talk about cloud adoption.Lots of companies now have now have cloud application as part of their footprint

Jade Oracle Cloud Migrator

As enterprise migrate their application footprints to the cloud to leverage the scalability and subscription based licensing, there is growing concern about the cost, business disruption and risk during the migration

FAHRCS – A Contemporary Reporting Solution

Reporting has always been a conundrum, where the data collected is sparsely utilized and the collection activity becomes a chore. Effective use of data requires a mechanism to generate output and visualize the data captured.

Cloud Migration – Predictable and Reliable

Jade Global, a Cloud Transformation partner helps enterprises understand, implement and manage their Cloud ecosystems. Our solution reduces the cost and risk of transition to Cloud by delivering IP driven solutions with clearly defined processes and predictable outcomes that focus on meeting the customer’s requirements.

ServiceNow Discovery

Jade Global’s RightStart ServiceNow Discovery package is a rapid implementation service for designing and configuring ServiceNow Discovery to automatically populate ONLY the scoped Configuration Item (CI) classes and CI relationships.