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Oracle Analytics Cloud: The Future of Essbase is here!

Join us on this live webinar to understand how to shorten your financial cycles and improve financial transparency within the organization

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 | 11 am - 12 pm PT

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Enter the World of Subscription Economy with Oracle Service Contracts

Learn how in today’s global competitive economy, customers are staying away from big ticket purchases and are looking to invest in cloud and other SAAS solutions with low monthly cost. Companies are evolving and adapting to new subscription business model to sell their products / services to make it attractive for all demographics. Oracle EBS Service Contracts provide a complete contract authoring and executing solution to manage warranties and extended warranties, usage and subscription based services, and provide excellent solution to various complexities.

January 16, 2014
25 Mins

BBB Solution with Tableau and Jumpstart Analytics

A thorough understanding of Billings, Bookings and Backlog (BBB) is critical to the success of any manufacturing company. Yet, BBB information is often difficult to understand and interpret due to the analytical and reporting limitations of the underlying transactional systems. Far too often, BBB analysis is left solely to Sales & Operations Planning and Financial Planning & Analysis individuals who rely heavily upon Excel, which is time consuming, cumbersome and error prone Jade Global has created a BBB Solution withTableau and Jumpstart Analytics, which incorporates industry Best Practices to enable powerful analytical visualizations. Jade Global’s BBB Solution enables executive insight and drives actionable results which can improve corporate performance.

February 27, 2014
31 Mins

Fusion Cost Management - Is it the Right Solution for my Organization?

Watch our on-demand webinar video to learn how you can empower your business with a 360 degree view on cost management to effectively minimize costs and maximize both margins and profits.

Watch the video to learn:

  • See how Fusion Cost Management compares to standard Oracle Costing
  • Know how Oracle Fusion can solve operational problems related to EBS Costing
  • Learn the key strengths and limitations of Fusion Costing
  • Understand what industries and organizations are suitable for Fusion Costing
May 22, 2015
33 Mins

Hyperion Workforce Planning - Integration with Workday, PeopleSoft HCM and Oracle HR

In today’s dynamic work environment, a company’s Forecasting and Budgeting processes can simply no longer be handled in Excel. Oracle Hyperion Workforce Planning delivers pre-built Forecasting and Budgeting functionality for what is typically a company’s largest single operating expense…workforce-related expenses. Meanwhile, many companies have implemented robust HRMS solutions, such as Workday, Peoplesoft or Oracle HCM, which provide the source data for Hyperion Workforce Planning. Jade Global has created a Solution Accelerator which helps jumpstart the integration between Hyperion Workforce Planning and your company’s HRMS solution, whether your company is using Workday, Peoplesoft or Oracle HCM.

February 3, 2014
28 Mins

Improve Customer Service and Inventory Rotation using WMS Smart Picking

Learn how WMS Smart Picking allows companies to improve their customer service, inventory rotation, profitability and employee productivity through systemic use of customer specific needs for material selection and timing of shipment. WMS also allows a multi-dimensional FIFO to reduce obsolescence. In addition, it allows use of scheduled pick waves with systemic material allocation to eliminate manual reservations and picking, and improving productivity.

March 12, 2014
46 Mins

Transform your business using Oracle Projects – Explore features and options to derive real benefits!

In today's matured market demands, companies are looking for a single platform to manage operations for both product & services. They often face challenges to enable global cross-functional collaboration across sales, ops, integrated services, procurement, F&A, and post-sales support.

March 19, 2014
32 Mins

Embrace Mobile and Cloud using Oracle Fusion Middleware

Next generations enterprises need to adopt cloud and mobile technologies to drive business value and bring agility to the organizations at the same time reduce cost. Oracle's Middleware solution provides excellent platform to maximize your investments of both the legacy and next generation technologies. Learn key considerations and best practices of using OFM in both development and integrations of various applications including cloud, mobile and web platforms.

April 11, 2014
34 Mins

Avoid Common Pitfalls and Build A Robust Test Automation Strategy

In today’s world software testing has become integral part of software development life cycle. However introduction of manual test cycles has impacted the budget and time to market. It has become necessary to automate your testing process in order to quicken your test cycles, and to reduce manual efforts spent on unskilled, repetitive or redundant tasks. However to implement the automation it has to be well strategized, planned and executed to make it successful. We here will focus on the considerations, tool evaluations, strategic planning and right process for test automation.

April 24, 2014
30 Mins