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Improve Customer Service and Profitability in Outsourced Operations with Oracle WMS

Learn how Oracle WMS can help you improve your organizational efficiencies and operational profitability. For both in-house and outsourced warehousing operations, Oracle WMS has a number of features to improve customer service, operational efficiencies and profitability, along with employee morale. Understand how you can rapidly re-engineer your logistics and shipping operations using a combination of WMS and B2B with 3PLs and CMs.

Using Subledger Accounting for Automatic Account Generation

Watch and understand some of the relevant and important subledger accounting process and key components of the SLAs. Learn how Jade Global's Oracle Financials Practice Lead will lead you through a case study and how SLA was leveraged to replace existing customization. The webinar will provide important comprehensions on how to design the overall process and how to successfully implement the solution.

Proactively Minimize Revenue Leakage by Optimizing Your Oracle Service Contracts

Learn how the renewal of service contracts represents a high margin, recurring revenue opportunity for service providers, and how the Oracle R12 EBS service contract renewal process is designed to improve process efficiencies and customer experience.

Preparing for Fusion? Start with ADF

ADF is not just the future, it is in fact the present. In this webinar, one of Jade Global's Technical Architects will help you understand developing customization strategies.

Integrating Oracle iSupport into Online Customer Service Portal for RMA

Learn how Oracle iSupport can be leveraged by companies to deliver a seamlessly integrated portal for creating and viewing their RMAs. You will also understand how the RMAs can be automatically processed by keeping the internal cost to the bare minimum. The case study presented in this webinar shows how one company was able reduce the RMA processing time from 2 weeks to just a few minutes.