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Managing Advertising Spend in Order Management - A Social Media Company Perspective

Jade Global’s Consulting Manager will introduce the key elements for processing advertising spend in Order Management, while guiding you through a case study involving a social media company. This webinar will provide a detailed walk-through of the solution discussing the benefits and challenges of implementing it utilizing Oracle Order Management.

R12 Upgrade– An Opportunity to Re-invent

Learn how Oracle R12 upgrade presents a great opportunity to reinvent or transform your business. Jade Global will help you identify real and measurable value in upgrading your systems. Join us, as we discuss the various, risk-mitigating options that are available when upgrading to Oracle R12.

Transforming the IT Organization from a Cost Center to a Center of Business Innovation: Cut application support costs by 15%

Learn how to save 15% of costs in one year for your support operations and simultaneously increase your customer satisfaction by 20% and how to transform your IT organization from a cost center to a center of business innovation

Optimizing Your Disaster Recovery Infrastructure using Active Data Guard

Jade Global will discuss how to setup an active data guard environment and use as a fallback option in case of disasters. This webinar will also cover some of the best practices in setting up active data guard environments, to provide reporting infrastructure for MIS.

Implementing Oracle Advanced Collections to Improve Cash Flow

In this webcast, Jade Global will help you understand when you should use the shared collection features without obtaining a separate license for Advanced Collections and take advantage of the functionality available in Advanced Collections. Learn how a social media company has used both AR Collections and shifted to Oracle Collections.