Successful Staff Assimilation in Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies acquire other entities for a variety of reasons: to gain market share, acquire a new technology, or gain an edge on the competition. Not all acquisitions lead to assimilation of the two entities, but it is more common than not.

Planning for Solar Installation Company

Sungevity is a residential solar company founded in 2007 and has offices in Berkeley and Oakland, California. Sungevity uses an internet based approach to build and design residential solar arrays by using online maps. Sungevity offers 10 year Solar-Lease, allowing people to go solar with no money down making it as easy and affordable as possible for its customers.

Oracle Human Capital Management

Traditionally Human Resources (HR) departments are paper based departments which rely extensively on forms, spreadsheets and manual processes; often maintaining paperwork through signature collections which can compromise data integrity and security. To achieve increased productivity, streamlined work-flows and reduced costs, HR organizations must adopt automation and self-service features inherent in Oracle HCM systems.

Optimizing Contract Renewals with Oracle Service Contracts

Management of service contract renewals can proactively reduce revenue leakage and operational cost while improving overall customer satisfaction. Service contract renewals represent a high margin and recurring revenue opportunity for service providers. Oracle service contract renewal process is designed to improve process efficiencies and customer experience.

Managing Individual Compensation Distributions (ICD) with Oracle Self Service HR v. R12

Leveraging Oracle HRMS Self Service ICD v.R12 gives managers throughout your enterprise the authority and ability to assign one-time or recurring awards, bonuses, and allowances to qualified employees such as periodic or spot bonuses, sponsored allowances, resettlement compensation, severance payments, and company cars. In this white paper, we will include an ICD Overview, Bonus Plan Design, Enrollment Requirements, Setting up Activity Rates and Coverage for the ICD Plan, and Assigning Awards Using ICD.