Contract and CPQ

Quote-to-Cash is the end-to-end business process between the buyers’ interest in a purchase and realization of revenue. A streamlined Quote-to-Cash process allows customers to quickly generate quotes with 100% accuracy, gain greater visibility and turn insights into actions. At every step in the Quote-to-Cash process, we will discover solutions to help you in Pricing Management, Quoting Management, Contract Management and Revenue Management.

Jade Global brings rich technical expertise and helps businesses implement an effective Quote-to-Cash solution that successfully increases sales effectiveness by providing an integrated view of all customers, quotes and contracts. Our solutions drive revenue and facilitate control over Quote-to-Cash processes. Our certified professionals help our clients to optimally quote and price deals, quickly finalize contracts and intelligently manage ongoing purchases. In the past, we helped a key Beta customer migrate into a reference implementation where the new version replaced custom code and eliminated technical debt. Our approach includes the guidance and resources to ensure your complex global roll-out is delivered on time and on budget.


Accelerated Process

Provide your team with the tools to quickly configure, price, quote and generate contracts for renewals and revenue management


Turn insights into actions easily with a 360° view of your customer base and their service contracts

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Introduce a solution for your team that will increase deal size, shorten sales cycles, reduce of legal risks and operating costs

Preparation for the Future

Manage future deal structures, renewals, payment terms, finance structures and contract compliance

Why Jade?

Client Success

We have a successful track record with clients that have implemented a variety of CPQ tools like SteelBrick CPQ, Apttus CPQ/ CLM and BigMachines

We Deliver Results

Several of our clients have tasked us with solving their biggest CPQ blockers and seemingly impossible deliverables. We partner with customers, business teams and other vendors to complete complex upgrades. We helped deliver business results by filling critical gaps in complex projects.