Businesses have moved from the traditional method of physically signing contracts with pen and paper to digital signatures. Jade Global provides professional services in enabling E-Signature Transaction Management across the enterprise. After DocuSign™ implementation, customers found document close and completion times were cut by 95%. We can help your business eliminate paper-based processes and create intelligent, automated workflows with E-Signature. E-Signature Transaction Management is a trusted and proven method for automating workflows which supports an extensive amount of file types. Most organizations realize a transformational impact on customer facing processes with this enhancement. Our experienced team will help you drive adoption, identify and reduce risk, apply best practices from our vast implementation experience and rapidly deliver the value of eSignature Transaction Management to your organization.


  • Streamlined Process: Accelerate the speed to a signature and reduce processing time from weeks to a few days or even a few minutes by removing manual touch points in obtaining signatures
  • Convenient: Sign anytime, anywhere, on any device either in person or online remotely
  • Cost Effective: Reduce operating costs by shortening the amount of time spent by an employee to track documents and eliminating costs from printing, faxing and mailing
  • Accuracy: Reduce versioning errors and assure customer facing documents match the data in your CRM system
  • Automation: Automate workflows with digital signatures with offline signing and sending capabilities to reduce contract turnaround times
  • Tracking & Storage: Enterprise grade Audit Trail and Document Storage for all document transactions across the business landscape

Why Jade?

  • We Provide a Solution: We transform your intent into the right eSignature Transaction Management implementation with efficient and thoughtful execution
  • Technical Competency: We help customers do business better and faster by leveraging our technical and consulting skillset
  • Expertise & Proven Track Record: Our experts have successfully delivered E-Signature solutions with the value based approach
    • DocuSign™
    • Adobe EchoSign™