Communities Communities enables employees, customers and partners to collaborate in their own private online social community. Communities offers a compelling platform to connect through deep, meaningful interactions, increase productivity and lower support costs. At Jade Global, we help our clients develop an effective portal that provides self-service capabilities, site branding and case resolution automation.


Business Integration

Create, update and infuse data from any system, anywhere

Connect Customers

Listen to customers’ needs and empower customers to help each other


Customize and create a community that is an extension of your brand

Brand Advocates

Identify and promote brand advocates within your customer base

Go Mobile

Collaborate from anywhere, any device with a device responsive mobile experience

Transform Business

Reduce cost, increase productivity and customer satisfaction

Social Intelligence

Promote employee collaboration, innovation and breakthrough solutions

Ideas, Action and Knowledge

Transform collaboration into knowledge and ideas

Why Jade?

Full-Suite of Skillsets

Our experts design, customize and personalize your experience

Problem Solvers

We partner with you to identify a Community vision that caters to your business goals and needs



We have capabilities to integrate legacy and proprietary knowledge, increasing self-service and entitlement based experiences


We have industry standard integration capabilities with 3rd party systems and API enabled platforms