AppExchange Lifecycle Management

Coming up with an idea that can better your business or help other businesses has never been more actionable. Partner with us to help your business easily enter the world of AppExchange where over 2,800 apps total 3 million downloads. We can help you deliver a solution to solve customer challenges and monetize your innovation. Our experienced technical team has the capabilities to build your desired app and will assist you in getting it past the security review. We provide advanced product and implementation support for your successful AppExchange product, and we can quickly accelerate your roadmap, incorporating Lightning capabilities and influence subscription renewal success. At Jade Global, we partner with your company to bring your idea to life.


  • Join the Marketplace: Publish your package on AppExchange faster and easier
  • Process Compliance: Navigate common challenges, successfully overcome Security Scan issues
  • Access to Skilled Professionals: Utilize our team for your app development - allow your development team to focus on other key activities
  • Monetize Innovation: The AppExchange is a highly focused marketplace with a targeted customer base that has a demonstrated budget and proven track record in adopting innovative solutions

Why Jade?

  • We are Your Partner: The road to entrepreneurship is fraught with risk. We help customers focus, leveraging the most successful Silicon Valley product development and customer development frameworks
  • Professionals: Our skilled team has the capabilities to help you develop your ideal app
  • Product Development DNA: We have proven implementations using agile methodologies and rapid development methodologies. We can help your dream come true on AppExchange while meeting the stringent marketplace standards