The platform offers an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform where applications can be developed, packaged and instantly deployed without any additional infrastructure. Furthermore, these apps can include built-in social and mobile functionality, business processes, reporting and search capabilities. At Jade Global, we have extensive experience and knowledge in building custom applications for large enterprises that scales, tunes, and backs up data automatically. Our experience combined with our zero failure rate drives application development across sales, marketing, field service, operations, finance and business to business integration needs – assuring is aligned with organizational best practices.


  • Go Mobile: Run your business from your phone or any other web enabled device using the Salesforce1 mobile app
  • Customization: Discover a truly unique and personalized platform for your unique business needs - mix native and HTML in a hybrid cocktail that gives you the best of both worlds
  • Cost Effective: Enhance and maintain your app in a cost effective manner with - prebuilt components for feeds, profiles, conversations, updates and file sharing are available through REST APIs which can be easily integrated into any custom app
  • Social: Work effectively with your colleagues using your own secure social network

Why Jade?

  • Move your Business to Mobile: We create native mobile apps powered by a secure cloud database, with rock-solid APIs
  • Connect Across Devices: We assure a great experience - optimized for mobile browser, our UI and HTML5 framework supports more devices with a single set of code
  • Full-suite of Skillsets: We understand your business has complex requirements. Our skilled experts can help design, customize and personalize experiences
  • Problem Solvers: We cater to your teams' unique requirements. We facilitate the identification of your app vision statement to discover business goals and needs
  • Expertise: Our SME's and technical analysts have a proven track record and extensive knowledge developing apps in Native and HTML to provide you with the best in-class User Experience design
  • Automation: Our team can help you implement custom apps to reduce redundant, time consuming tasks. Connect with Jade to resolve and build scalable data driven solutions and wizards to reduce manual intervention, therefore, increase efficiency