Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

Reporting has always been a conundrum, where the data collected is sparsely utilized and the collection activity becomes a chore. Effective use of data requires a mechanism to generate output and visualize the data captured. Reporting using Oracle products has often taken a backseat to other features in frameworks such as OBIA, OBIEE, BI Publisher, OTBI, etc. Companies have worked around this lack of reporting capability their own solutions with bolt-on products and creating data marts.

With the introduction of the Fusion platform, Oracle is now miles ahead from where it was in the reporting arena. Many companies want to continue to keep financial and operational data on-premise, rather than moving to the cloud. To bridge this ‘hesitation gap’ — Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS), or Reporting Cloud Service is the answer to take that tiny step. FAHRCS is a unique financial reporting solution that helps in viewing real-time annotation and generating a drilled down output.

Why Jadeglobal


  • Reporting functionality on desktop and mobile devices with visualization
  • Generating output with drill down
  • Visualization can reflect changes with real-time conversations during review within the social platform
  • Viewing of web-based documents with real-time annotation

Why Jade?

  • Finance SME with experience in accounting systems and reporting
  • Training package on how to use and get the benefits from FAHRCS
  • Packaged reports (GAAP P&L, Balance Sheet, Trended Income Statement and Balance Sheet YoY) showcasing strengths of integrated reporting platform in FAHRCS
  • Process designing to dovetail sources to bring in data from external systems