Siebel to Salesforce Migration

It's always difficult to say goodbye to a trusted, reliable system. Siebel is beloved by many organizations and was once the CRM system of choice for the Global 2000. For several years, has been highlighted as the World's Most Innovative Company. Making the decision to move your implementation of Siebel to a legacy asset which had required tens of millions of dollars in investments over the design, implementation, support and licensing lifecycle has been a challenge to many Fortune 500 companies have conquered. The good news is that, born in the cloud, has successfully replaced legacy CRM systems across many of the Fortune 500 and much of the Global 2000. With the reality of EOL Siebel support and the high costs of maintaining the hardware, OS, security patches and piecemeal licensing - our CRM team can help your business transition from Siebel to quickly and at a surprisingly low migration cost. We have helped innovative High Tech enterprises accomplish this and the secret is out - our migrations from Siebel to are successful.


  • Cloud and PAAS: Eliminate mundane and low ROI activities of updating OS, buying and provisioning hardware and maintaining a client-server application. cloud applications provide you with the capability you need and allow you to focus your budget on high impact business needs
  • Go Mobile: Provide a mobile solution to your sales teams, field service technicians and anyone who wants to work on a Tablet - no need to mandate IE 7 or IE 8 as a supported browser
  • Next Generation Customer Experience: Communities has various frameworks to deploy customer case management, knowledge management and self service capabilities. Jade has rapid deployment tools or can set up your Community, right out of the box
  • Predictable Support and Licensing: Stop buying perpetual licenses and extended support licenses and say hello to adding users in an instant - with predictable annual and multi-year costs • MDM Realized: Reduce the number of Integration Points, middleware tools and workarounds - achieve a single 360° view of Customers, Deals, Partners and Service Quality
  • Leverage New Capabilities, Stop Patches: SAAS provides the capability to deploy several upgrade releases every year, included in your subscription cost - cover more business processes with omni-channel capabilities, while reducing the need for highly specialized skills for hardware, data backup and security
  • Flexible: Choose whether to migrate entirely out of Siebel or quickly build discovery applications that allow Siebel EOL to be a phased approach. plays well with others and has standards-based integration at its core - while providing a modern UI, mobile capabilities and spreading transition costs and resource needs across a period of time

Why Jade?

  • Experience: We have SME's and technical analysts that are experts in Siebel and migration - we know how to move fast in discovery, identify common challenges and reduce costs to define requirements
  • We are Your Partner: We understand that just because you are migrating to a new cloud platform that does not mean you want to disrupt a team of people that have delivered stability, process understanding and results over the last 10 years
  • Guarantee of Outcome: When you partner with us for Strategy, Design and Implementation - we can guarantee a successful outcome, in writing
  • Client Success: Our team has helped publicly traded companies turn Siebel off in as little as 16 weeks. We understand critical, must-have features to include during a Siebel to migration while mitigating risks
  • On-Time: We have delivered successful migrations where the CIO, VP of Sales and Customer Success Manager have mandated a highly demanding timeline. We can propose strategies and highlight the upside and risks - kick-starting the process, discussion and collaboration for Shared Success. We are your partner to make the impossible deadline, possible
  • We Understand Change can be Difficult: We partner with your existing teams and can help in Knowledge transition and cross-training, to help speed their transition to - while sharing Best Practices and Architecture to make sure the new implementation is implemented with TCO in mind and reduced technical debt