Cloud Migration Services

Jade Global, an Oracle Cloud Select partner helps enterprises understand, implement and manage their Cloud ecosystems. Our solutions reduce the cost and risk of transition to Cloud through IP driven solutions with clearly defined processes and predictable outcomes that focus on meeting the customer’s requirements. The Cloud Equalizer is a Cloud migration solution designed with close collaboration of Enterprise IT and Line of Business owners.

We help organizations leverage the Oracle Cloud making it more agile and scalable for any workload – Oracle or third party regardless of operating systems, databases, VMs, and languages. With Oracle Cloud, organizations can have a real time monitoring and analytics reported from infrastructure to databases which includes applications.



Why Jade?

  • Substantial Cost Reduction

    Reduces the cost of running your web-scale IT by 50% and provides up to 99.99% SLA for business application

  • Comprehensive Control

    Experience end-to-end visibility and control of services across private/public Clouds and an assurance of security and compliance

  • Reduced Time to Market

    Experience a reduced time to market, time to fix and complexity while enabling live migration, auto-scaling, self-repair, and self-protection