Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business application software which is typically a suite of integrated applications. It can significantly help organizations improve its efficiency and productivity by integrating its accounting and finance with sales, manufacturing, human resources, and other business functions. The benefits of migrating the ERP to the Cloud are: scalable application, low initial cost, faster implementation and anywhere, anytime information access.

Jade Global has designed an unique Cloud Implementation Methodology (JCIM) using the framework from Oracle Unified Method (OUM), PMI principles, Oracle Modern Best Practices and leading best practices of both Oracle and non-Oracle products. We have incorporated additional pre-build artifacts and change management aspects to ensure customers gear up to adopt Cloud applications with total confidence. Our accelerated and automated Cloud implementation methodology reduces your implementation time and cost, and provides you with a hassle-free migration to the next generation enterprise solutions in the Cloud.


Today global CFOs are facing challenges that extend beyond the discrete activities of the finance department into greater areas like capital productivity and increased business innovation and growth. These challenges are best addressed with a solid finance team, set procedures and systems and flexible reporting. With the right systems and processes in place, you can be confident as you turn your attention to more strategic initiatives. Jade Global has been helping organizations implement systems that minimize departmental spend, increase productivity, reduce close cycles and result in more accurate reporting. Oracle Cloud Financial applications are rapidly becoming an efficient way for the finance departments to efficiently manage regulatory issues, execute daily, monthly and quarterly finance activities and analyze and report financial information in consumable formats. Jade’s implementation experts can help you take full advantage of the Cloud financial offerings and replace the ever-present spreadsheets with an integrated application with a reporting functionality

Most companies rely on strong project delivery techniques. For some, it is a single department project, such as establishing a help desk, while for others it is large capital expenditure projects, such as opening a new retail store. Some companies, such as professional services companies, earn their revenue from delivering successful projects. The most successful project, no matter how small or large, has a methodology and a set of tools to plan and track activities, resources and budgets as well as measure progress. Jade’s customers routinely look to our team of Project and Portfolio Management experts to help them simplify the processes and improve data integration. Jade Global’s functional experts are conversant in all areas of Project and Portfolio Management, including project Costing, Billing, Time & Labor, Project Management and Resource Management. Our technical experts can create simplified User Interfaces, develop seamless integrations to Receivables, Revenue Recognition and General Leader systems and create a robust reporting foundation for operational and analytical reporting.

Reporting has always been a conundrum, where the data collected is sparsely utilized and the collection activity becomes a chore. Effective use of data requires a mechanism to generate output and visualize the captured data. Reporting using Oracle products has often taken a backseat to other features in frameworks such as OBIA, OBIEE, BI Publisher, OTBI, etc. Companies have worked around this lack of reporting capability by building their own solutions, or with bolt-on products and creating data marts. With the introduction of the Cloud platform with Essbase integration, Oracle is now miles ahead from where it was in the reporting arena. Many companies want to retain their on-premise financial and operational data, rather than moving to the Cloud. To bridge this ‘hesitation gap’ — Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS), or Reporting Cloud Service is the answer to take that tiny step. FAHRCS is a unique financial reporting solution that helps in viewing real-time annotation and generating a drilled down output.

For most companies, expense management has always been a challenge, from policies to managing claims, approvals, corporate credit card usage and payments. With the Oracle Cloud expense management system, customers can now improve their end-to-end digital expense giving them easy data entry options and detailed spend information for a policy driven control. They can also use mobile expense capture to be efficient and productive anytime, anywhere. Jade Global’s subject matter experts possess the experience and the know-how of implementing various solutions such as mobile enablement, built in analytics, workflow driven rule based approvals and integration with any of the leading banks. Oracle Cloud Expenses is a major driver to contain the operational costs and improve operational efficiencies. It provides greater accuracy and compliance with the corporate card integration and help companies simplify the expense process definition. It helps drive employee satisfaction with modern, mobile and efficient claims process. This lets employees focus on dealing with their customers and truly enable finance departments to manage exceptions.

Every procurement department’s focus is to drive results based on their KPIs of bringing supply cost down while improving quality without losing the focus on delivery commitments. Oracle Cloud Procurement offers a complete end to end solution with several capabilities to completely streamline source to pay processes. Jade Global has successful track record and expertize in implementing Procurement modules over last 13 years of various versions of Oracle. With Oracle Cloud, we have solutions catering different industries from Hi-Tech, Semicon, Transportation, Healthcare and public sector to name a few. The solutions include pre-defined business processes, best practices in approvals management and various configurations, built in analytics for delivering some of the key metrics such as supplier performances, delivery performance, spend analytics and pricing analytics. All these are developed with published Oracle Modern Best Practices based baseline. Expense and spend categorization and control is a high-visibility focus of every organization. Managing procurement processes to control costs and engage in an efficient method to drive approvals, enables organizations to be agile. Oracle Procurement and Self-Service Procurement drives the spend processes, in-built analytics and reporting capabilities and allows a closer tracking of the tasks.Jade Global with its experience with the process in EBS and Cloud brings more than a dozen years of consulting experience to the table and helps organizations maximize the efficiencies of the Cloud Procurement.