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In the current disruptive digital era, you, as an insurer, prioritize the creation of resilient and adaptable core systems with Guidewire. It helps with product innovation, superior customer experience, and improved time to market. However, these transformations come with challenges such as customizations, complex integrations, user adoption, cloud migration/deployment, and version upgrades.

At Jade Global, we help you tackle these challenges with our Guidewire specific project accelerators and a strong onshore/offshore resource base. Our goal is to deliver high value at a competitive price. Jade Global can catalyze this change, helping to build the business case, navigate potential risks and drive transformation. Our certified Guidewire Professionals help insurers transform their operations by improving performance and cutting costs.

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Jade Key Differentiators


Agile-Centric Approach

Benefit from our innovative approach that designs the target operating model using tried and tested frameworks, emphasizing client ownership and quick decision-making.


Cost Containment

Get significant budgetary flexibility and reduction in your overall cost of ownership with our versatile global talent pool of on-site, off-site, and offshore resources.



Achieve faster delivery with Jade’s automation-driven, risk-mitigation strategies, powered by proven accelerators.



Achieve impactful business outcomes through our unique engagement structure, where accountability is built-in and customer experience takes center stage.

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