Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM) – Enabling Oracle Cloud For the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, especially fabless companies, have unique system requirements to run their subcontracted manufacturing operations. Fabless Semicon companies need their manufacturing applications to be tightly lot controlled, with the ability to view complete lot genealogy through their extended supply chain. Most semiconductor manufacturing solutions do not have features that lot-based manufacturing industries can easily use.

However, Businesses Are Facing Challenges Due To Lack of Oracle Cloud Solution For The Semiconductor Industry Including:

  • Lack of an integrated, efficient, and digital lot-based manufacturing solution in Oracle Cloud SaaS and other ERP applications.
  • Need for an automated and simplified lot transaction process for Oracle Industrial Manufacturing
  • Need for integrations with core ERP processes such as Work in Process, Cost Accounting, Product Lifecycle Management, and Planning.
  • Need for Full Lot Genealogy and Traceability to quickly trace any issues with the product.
  • Ability to create a tight relationship between WIP jobs and lot numbers.
  • Allow mid-process operations for WIP lots such as split, merge, and part number change.
  • Ability to extend the solution for B2B integrations with Subcons for lot transaction reporting and automated processing in the system, using Industry-standard RosettaNet Platform.
  • Ability to have tight integrations with Subcon outside processing purchase orders.
  • Lack of out of box reporting solution for lot-based manufacturing

Why JSFM (Jade Shop Floor Management)?

Lot Based Manufacturing solution for the Fabless Semicon Industry is not available in many ERP applications. To meet the requirements of this industry, Jade has built a solution that can be deployed on Oracle PaaS and integrated into Oracle Cloud SaaS using native APIs. This solution is highly modular and can be used for any ERP application.

The key features of this solution include:

  • Full lot control for the manufacturing process.
  • Integrate with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud Work in Process modules. Ability to extend it to other ERP applications with ease. Use the native base application features for costing, planning, and product lifecycle management.
  • Integrate with Jade/other B2B solutions for Fabless Semicon Contract Manufacturing, using the RosettaNet Standards for the Semicon Industry.
  • Easy to use user interface with highly efficient transaction processing to provide high productivity, including Excel upload of transactions.
  • Change lot number, assembly item, split WIP lot, and merge WIP lots.
  • Create multiple bins for your WIP lot based on specific process outcomes.
  • Capture, report, and utilize additional lot information in your manufacturing process.
  • Report Full Lot Genealogy

Solution Overview:

The Jade solution allows users to process all their WIP transactions using highly optimized screens with the back-end processes in the base ERP application.


Services Offering:

  • Implement Jade Lot Based Manufacturing with Oracle Cloud SAAS
  • Integrate Jade Lot Based Manufacturing with Subcon B2B Reporting Solution for automated real-time transaction processing
  • Migrate OSFM (Oracle Shop Floor Management) processes in EBS to Jade Lot Based Solution, enabling Semicon companies to move from on-premises EBS to Oracle Cloud SaaS

Business Benefits:

  • Industry best practices based solution that can help our customers significantly reduce risks and lower the cost of implementation
  • Improved Visibility and Accuracy:
    • Get full granular visibility of your lots in WIP and in Inventory.
    • Real time automated lot transaction processing eliminating costly supply chain delays that can run in days.
    • Exceptions and errors are immediately visible and corrected in time with the centralized exception management process.
    • The full audit trail helps our customer quickly take corrective and preventive actions to avoid costly field failures or reworks.
    • Inventory levels can be better planned with dynamic real time responses due to improved visibility, potentially reducing cost of inventory by 10% and cost of lost revenue by another 10%.
    • Leverage the standard functionality of Oracle Cloud SaaS/ERP COTS applications, lowering your TCO for the applications, lower upgrade costs and improve system agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

JSFM is an acronym for Jade Shop Floor Management. Fabless Semicon Industry follows Lot-based manufacturing; thus, Jade has brought JSFM, a specialized service for Semicon Industry. Oracle Cloud SaaS does not provide a solution for Lot-based manufacturing. JSFM plugs this gap in Oracle Cloud SaaS.

There is no roadmap for Lot-based manufacturing in Oracle Fusion. Oracle expects a solution from its implementation partner.

Lot based work order creation, Lot splitting, Lot translation, Lot merging, assembly item change, binning are typical Lot operations in Fabless Semicon Industry. As of now, these Lot operations cannot be performed in Oracle Fusion Manufacturing.
Jade comes with a rich domain experience of 15+ years in semiconductor industry and knows the business requirements around Lot-based manufacturing. Jade has already developed JSFM to address those requirements. When you choose Jade as Oracle Fusion implementation partner, you will get a ready-made solution for Llot-based manufacturing. This eliminates the custom solution development phase in the implementation and helps to reduce the implementation timeline.
JSFM is built on top of Oracle Fusion manufacturing. It leverages native features of Oracle Fusion and provides solutions for only the gaps. For example, good solutions are already available in Fusion for outside processing, cost accounting. It leverages these features available in Fusion.
JSFM can be accessed from Fusion itself. It is made available as a springboard in Fusion. Users do not have access it by invoking a separate URL, nor do they have to install any application.

Jade will support all your JSFM business requirements.

Jade tests JSFM for every quarterly update provided by Oracle. Jade will update JSFM in case of any change required because of quarterly update.

Jade has a solution for B2B integrations for fabless semiconductor industry. JSFM works seamlessly with this solution. It is also flexible to integrate with other B2B solutions.

Jade Global is a leading Oracle Platinum partner and Cloud Select Partner. Contact Us to know more.


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