Jade is a leading IT consulting services company that provides end-to-end IT consulting solutions to our customers.

Our goal is to help you leverage standardized integration tools to improve your team’s performance. We strive to design the simplest solutions that create the most secure and robust production systems. Our consultants work with you to validate your current technology architecture and provide a comprehensive roadmap to achieve best practice deployment. We provide assessments, evaluations, training, and testing to ensure best practice integration.

Through our expertise and experience with leading global technology companies, we can help you realize your technology’s full potential and, most importantly, improve the effectiveness of your development teams.

Provided below is an overview of our comprehensive range of advanced IT Consulting Services for companies

Our three-step assessment includes:

  • Assessment and Fit Gap Analysis
  • EAI evaluation and Roadmap Definition
  • Advanced Solution Architecture & Development
  • A2A, ETL, B2B, EDI, API, MDM Implementation
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Incremental Implementation and End-to-End Testing
  • Knowledge Transfer and User Training

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build better systems by leveraging standardized integration tools.

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Boomi ROI

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