Boomi Master Data Hub (Hub) Implementation and Support Services

Are you looking for solutions that make it easier to manage the consistency and quality of your data replicated across multiple systems or applications? Leveraging Boomi Master Data Hub, Jade provides you with the right mix of technology that ensures consistency and quality of data across your systems.

Jade is a Boomi Platinum Partner with a track record of delivering 150+ successful Boomi projects to 60+ customers. Our Boomi Master Data Hub implementation methodology ensures your master data is centralized and synchronized.

Jade’s Boomi Master Data Hub Implementation and Support Services

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mapping and Transformation
  • Integration Setup
  • Data Governance
  • Testing and Validation
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Managed Services

Why You Need Boomi Master Data Management

Leverage Jade’s Boomi Master Data Management Implementation to overcome the following typical business challenges.

  • Application data that is inaccurate, inconsistent, and incomplete
  • Duplication of data leading to incorrect information
  • Lack of data synchronization across multiple interconnected applications
  • No defined data validation, enrichment, or matching rules through a visual, no-coding experience
  • Lack of centralized approval processes and integration patterns that enforce data governance policies
  • Complex and time-consuming processes to resolve duplicates, fix data entry issues, and error rectification


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