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Modernize Enterprise Data and Analytics Software Data on Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid

Are you looking for comprehensive data and analytics services that can provide new ways to capitalize on your organization's collective intelligence? Jade specializes in Oracle Analytics Cloud, providing a comprehensive solution that caters to all your analytic needs. With a focus on agility, we offer a seamless experience in data loading and blending, combining simplicity with sophistication. Our platform also empowers you with advanced analytics capabilities, enabling you to extract valuable insights and go beyond basic reporting. Discover the full potential of Oracle Analytics Cloud and unlock a world of possibilities. Enable your enterprise to modernize its data and analytics software, whether it resides on the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. Recognizing the significance of data as a fundamental asset, organizations strive to adopt a "data-centric" approach. To unlock the true value of data, enterprises must ensure that their datasets are comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate.

Traditional data warehouses fall short in managing the immense data explosion experienced by enterprises today. Therefore, organizations need to embark on a transformative journey toward a unified data platform that offers cognitive analytics capabilities and provides real-time actionable insights. Utilizing the powerful Oracle Data Services, your enterprise can drive this transformation.

Explore Oracle Analytics Cloud, which offers a range of pricing options tailored to meet your specific business requirements. With the Oracle Analytics Cloud Service, your organization can gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities, empowering you to harness the full potential of your data.

Our Capabilities in Oracle Data & Analytics Services

We help businesses harness the power of Oracle analytics cloud to anticipate and prepare for the next wave of technological disruption.

  • Data Lakehouse Implementation
  • Data Integration and migration
  • Upgrade OBIA in OCI
  • Informatica to ODI migration
  • FAW implementation
  • Discoverer to OAC Migration
  • Analytics solution implementation using OAC /OAS and ADW
  • Scalable Machine learning and AI implementation in Oracle PAAS

Oracle Analytics Cloud Offerings

Oracle Platinum

Oracle Platinum Partner, Certified Oracle Cloud Select Partner and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) Certified

  • Expert review of organization’s current reporting and analytics issues and constraints
  • Over 50 BI and Analytics consultants globally
  • 19+ Specializations
  • Prebuilt utilities, scripts, templates to collect the required metadata from current Oracle BI landscape
  • Proven Methodology, Complete Assessment Reports, Actionable Roadmap Plan

Using Jade Global’s proven methodology and automated tools, we can help you evaluate the current state of your BI landscape and recommend the roadmap to achieve the future state of your reporting and analytics solution


Why should you choose Jade?

  • Get a tailored roadmap for your organization
  • Align your Cloud Roadmap with business objectives
  • Understand change management and operational readiness effort requirements

50% Discounted Express Assessment

Learn how we can help define your BI and Analytics roadmap strategy and seamlessly migrate to next-Gen analytics platforms

Our Accelerator Packages

  • Informatica to ODI (InfatoODI) is a patent-pending tool built by Jade Global.
  • It is an intelligent automated migration tool for organizations making the switch from Informatica to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).
  • It mitigates the risks of Oracle BI Apps 10.3 upgrade by automating the conversion process.
  • It accelerates the end-to-end upgrade process and scalable deployment in Cloud environment including OAC and ADW.

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  • Provides 360 degree view of supply chain data and insight on supply chain and Inventory KPI.
  • Provides detail view on Order management.AI ML based framework helps to optimize inventory and order cycle.
  • Helps to increase customer retention and acquisition.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized requirements.
  • Equipped with universal adaptor to enable any source system.

  • Analyses the data collected through marketing efforts to find trends in things like how a campaign influenced conversions, customer behavior, regional preferences, creative preferences, etc.

  • Aids sales teams in better understanding and decision-making about prospects and customers, product lines, market potential, and sales team effectiveness.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized Requirements

  • Next gen HR Analytics driven by AI/ML based algorithms, focuses on HR process optimization, employee retention, utilization and compensation.
  • Includes key KPIs for Retention, Compensation, Benefits, Learning, Workforce Management, and Employee Count. Plug-and-play-based universal adapters for Data Map and integration.
  • Enabled for seamless integration with Big Data framework.
  • Advanced statistical analysis to predict employee retention.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized requirements

  • Provides insights on key KPIs for Expense, Policy Violation, AP, GL, AR.
  • Provisioned with pre-canned Finance Dashboards and Reports.
  • Enabled to integrate any source system.
  • Enriched with Advanced statistical analysis on Finance KPI.
  • Scalable to incorporate personalized requirements

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Jade Global’s latest solutions, success stories, and visions for the future. Explore our insights to discover trends, capabilities, and industry approaches that will transform your business and deliver a fresh perspective.


Jade Global demonstrated a proactive approach, showcasing their preparedness with an extensive accelerator toolkit that encompassed comprehensive documentation, best practices, and effective solutions. Their support ensured a seamless transition for us, and we are genuinely delighted with their unwavering dedication, adaptability, and determination to drive our success.

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