Ensure stable and integrated functioning of your enterprise applications with Jade Global's Automated Functional Testing Services, which embed quality using an AI-led approach

As you are modernizing your enterprise applications and embracing new technologies along the way, testing can't be treated as a standalone function relegated to the latter stages of development.

Our Functional Testing-As-a-Service employs an end-to-end quality engineering strategy, utilizing validated frameworks and industry-leading automation methodologies. We harness a next-generation AI-led approach that prioritizes speed, quality, and productivity within your enterprise applications, ensuring cohesive user interfaces, consistent APIs, and seamless integration with business processes.

Quality Engineering Approach

automated functional testing services

Jade Global's Functional Testing Services

Enterprise Application Testing Services

Ensure the reliability, functionality, and scalability of large-scale software solutions tailored for your organization with our Enterprise Application Testing service. We meticulously evaluate various modules and integrations within these applications, guaranteeing seamless workflows, data accuracy, security compliance, and optimal performance across your diverse business units.

Our Enterprise Application Testing Services Include:

  • Testing-As-A-Service
  • ERP Testing
  • CRM Testing
  • BI-Data Warehouse-ETL Testing
  • ESM (ServiceNow) Testing
  • Quality Management System
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automated functional testing services
automated functional testing services

Integrated Testing for Custom Applications Service

Validate the seamless interaction and compatibility of tailored software solutions within your existing ecosystem through our Integrated Testing for Custom Applications. We specialize in assessing bespoke applications' integration with your systems or third-party tools, ensuring smooth data exchange, API interoperability, and functional harmony across the integrated environment.

Integrated Testing- Services Include:

  • Snowflake Testing Frameworks
  • Continuous Integration Testing
  • API Testing
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Automated Testing

Enhance project timelines and accelerate functionality deployment in your enterprise applications with Jade's Test Automation Services. Our Center of Excellence (CoE) drives IP development and expertise, delivering comprehensive solutions for frequent application upgrades and faster release cycles. Leveraging frameworks, pre-built suites, and efficient methodologies, we empower organizations to kick-start automation and integrate new functionalities seamlessly.

Our Automated Testing Services Include:

  • Tools Strategies
  • Automation Accelerators
  • Jade’s proprietary IP - Xenon
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automated functional testing services
automated functional testing services

Mobile Testing

Optimize mobile application performance with our expert Mobile Testing services. Covering functional and non-functional aspects for native, web, and hybrid apps, we ensure the latest methodologies and platform updates. Our solutions span Salesforce, Oracle ERP, and legacy applications, leveraging industry-leading tools for accelerated testing. In partnership with Perfecto Mobile, we ensure secure access to a comprehensive device library for end-user satisfaction.

Our Mobile Testing Services Provide:

  • A proven test strategy for Mobile Testing
  • Collaboration with Perfecto Mobile Lab
  • Access to Jade’s IP – Xenon for Life Cycle Management
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Our Key Differentiators and Business Benefits


Reduced Testing Time

Utilizing pre-built checklists and over 600 manual and automation test scripts to streamline testing processes and shorten implementation and upgrade timelines.


Up to 70% Reduced Costs

Leveraging the Xenon smart test lifecycle management platform to revolutionize quality engineering, incorporating agile workflows, customizable test cases, and automation while drastically cutting costs by up to 70%.


Automated Regression Test Crafts

Employing automated regression test artifacts to ensure thorough and consistent validation of software functionalities across different versions or updates.

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