When your IT landscape is getting more diverse and cloud centric, achieve stable performances across your enterprise applications with Jade Global’s non-functional testing services

Aligning your enterprise applications and software development activities to new dimensions of your business while avoiding errors or failures is critical, but it is also exceedingly difficult. 

Jade Global's Non-functional Testing services ensure that your business applications work optimally during peak loads and are free of security risks. We take a holistic approach to application performance and security testing, covering the whole systems and technology spectrum, including Enterprise Applications, Networks, Databases, Web Services, and Streaming services.   

For the past twenty years, we've done non-functional software testing for performance, usability, dependability, response time, security, and more. So, we understand precisely what your product requires to remain secure and stable. 

End-to-End Non-Functional Testing for Enterprise Applications

End-to-End Non-Functional Testing Services

Our Non-functional Testing Services

Performance Testing

We aim at optimizing your systems’ efficiency and reliability. Our methodology focuses on code-level optimizations, component evaluations with stubs, sprint-level testing, and end-to-end assessments, ensuring robust performance in real-world scenarios. Leveraging tools like Apache Jmeter, Blaze meter, and Neo Load, we offer tailored solutions that include performance assessment, tool feasibility, framework customization, and diverse testing methodologies such as load, stress, soak, and geo-location testing.

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Non-Functional Software Testing Services
Non-Functional Software Testing Services

Security Testing

We aim to fortify your applications and products against vulnerabilities. With expertise in diverse tools like Burp Suite, Qualys Guard, OWASP ZAP, and others, our team ensures compliance with standards and frameworks. We offer services covering Network, Mobile and Web Application Security, Cloud Application Security, API security, Source Code review, and various assessments such as Vulnerability, Penetration Testing, Insecure Data storage, and Data Encryption.

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Our Key Differentiators


Strategic Non-Functional Testing

Expertise in crafting robust non-functional test strategies for comprehensive assessments.


Global QA Testing Professionals

A worldwide team adept at testing large, intricate cloud implementations, ensuring proficiency and reliability.


Dedicated Security Audit Practice

A specialized team committed to auditing and fortifying security measures.


Dedicated R&D Setup

An in-house research and development lab to drive innovation and stay at the forefront of testing methodologies.


Domain-Agnostic Experience

Testing professionals with extensive experience across diverse domains, ensuring versatile skill sets.


Certified Ethical Hackers

A pool of skilled CEHs ensuring compliance with international standards like OWASP, OSSTMM, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, WAHH, etc.


Performance Testing Toolkit

Extensive resources proficient in proprietary, open source (e.g., JMeter), and third-party tools (LoadRunner, VSTS, Load Complete, etc.) for performance testing.


Advance Automation Framework

Offering a cutting-edge automation framework for swift and efficient test automation.

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