ServiceNow Discovery

Jade Global’s RightStart ServiceNow Discovery package is a rapid implementation service for designing and configuring ServiceNow Discovery to automatically populate ONLY the scoped Configuration Item (CI) classes and CI relationships.

ServiceNow CMDB Design and Maturity

Jade Global helps organizations rapidly and accurately model CMDB and simplify the Configuration Items and services across all ITIL processes providing one single source of truth.

ServiceNow IT Service Management

Jade Global's IT Service Management expertise spans to core ServiceNow ITSM modules, Asset Management, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, and Express IT Service Management.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Jade Global's IT Operations Management expertise spans to CMDB, Event Management, Cloud Management, Automation Remediation, Correlation of Service & Infrastructure Events, and Security Operations.

ServiceNow IT Business Management

Jade Global’s implementation of ServiceNow IT Business Management solutions extend your visibility so you can manage many of your most important investments: people, projects, compliance, and vendors.