Optimizing Contract Renewals with Oracle Service Contracts

Management of service contract renewals can proactively reduce revenue leakage and operational cost while improving overall customer satisfaction. Service contract renewals represent a high margin and recurring revenue opportunity for service providers. Oracle service contract renewal process is designed to improve process efficiencies and customer experience.

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Managing Individual Compensation Distributions (ICD) with Oracle Self Service HR v. R12

Leveraging Oracle HRMS Self Service ICD v.R12 gives managers throughout your enterprise the authority and ability to assign one-time or recurring awards, bonuses, and allowances to qualified employees such as periodic or spot bonuses, sponsored allowances, resettlement compensation, severance payments, and company cars. In this white paper, we will include an ICD Overview, Bonus Plan Design, Enrollment Requirements, Setting up Activity Rates and Coverage for the ICD Plan, and Assigning Awards Using ICD.

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Excess and Obsolete Inventory Reserves

GAAP and IFRS call for true and correct representation of material assets (inventory and WIP) of the reporting company. The valued inventory should have demand and the market price should be more than the reported value.

A number of companies, especially in high-tech industry have limited product life cycle and ever reducing market prices for their products. Lead times for the entire supply chain are typically upwards of 3 months and hence companies try to keep some stock against forecast. Rapid developments and fierce competition sometimes leads to excess and/or obsolete inventory, with less demand to consume the available and committed supply (and pipeline).

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