Salesforce Lightning Development and Migration 

Are you looking for the next generation of the CRM platform and user experience? Do your teams need a more modern, productive, and personalized user experience optimized for sales, service, and community clouds? Jade has successfully executed Salesforce Lightning development and migration projects centered on a responsive user experience that enables teams to do more work.  

Beyond enhancing analytical expertise, your teams will enjoy the advantage of single-page, dynamic applications for various devices, enabling you to write custom components for your teams to use and market on AppExchange. We help you to achieve quick time to sell for internal and external applications, and to distribute activities across client and service infrastructure. 

Our methodologies and Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness Tool provides an in-depth assessment deliverable. Areas like Knowledge, VisualForce, Advanced Entitlements, Solutions, and custom buttons will require more attention,, as Lightning has increased the coupling with Service and Communities. Salesforce has increased the value of every cloud with advanced contact management, AI strategy builder, news feeds, path, Kanban views, robust forecasts, and more. 

Why Jade Global for Salesforce Lightning?

Jade is a 97%+ CSAT-rated Salesforce Crest Partner and has built practical Lightning components and communities. Our customized methodology to implement, migrate, and offer custom development on the Salesforce Lightning platform provides you with a detailed proof of concept to unify Lightning features with your existing business needs.  

  • Mobile Collaboration: Collaborate with device-aware and cross-browser Salesforce Lightning compatibilities from your desktop, cell phone, tablet, and wearable devices.  

  • Enhanced Team Experience: Deliver Salesforce Lightning features across devices, teams, and geographies, enabling a modern anytime/anywhere culture.  

  • Legacy Customizations: Customize your homepage and dashboards with more flexibility than ever before.  

  • Reduce Clicks, More Insight: Advanced visual representations of data, user-friendly drag-and-drop capabilities, and a more elegant interaction design  

Convertorama – Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration Accelerator

salesforce classic to lightning migration

Salesforce Lightning Experience is tailor-made for the evolving needs of the present-day end user and developer. It offers a reimagined user experience and a platform focused on enhancing user productivity and expertise. Lightning Components are customizable, intuitive, quicker, offer better UI/UX capabilities, and mobile readiness. These features encourage Leadership, CxOs, IT, and Managers to move towards Salesforce Lightning Migration.  

However, the journey from Classic to Lightning needs careful planning and execution to achieve the desired outcomes of increasing user productivity and feature adoption. One of the common challenges in Lightning migration is that some Classic components do not work “as-it-is” and need some transformation before they can be used in Lightning. Files, Notes, and Document Folders need to be converted into their Lightning Alternatives before they can be used in the new Lightning version. These activities form a crucial, but time-consuming, part of enabling the Lightning experience which does not have many proven Accelerators.  

Jade’s Convertorama, Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration Accelerator, can effectively help your IT team to monitor, track, and complete this activity. Convertorama is designed to help customers migrate and convert Attachments, Notes, and Document Folders to their Lightning Alternatives and reduce the build time and cost of enabling the Lightning experience.  

Convertorama helps organizations achieve the following objectives:

  • Convert Attachments to Files

  • Convert Notes To Enhanced Notes 

  • Convert Document Folders to Library, and Documents to Files.  

  • Convert files for specified objects.  

  • Easily manage and monitor the status of Conversion apex jobs.  

  • Intuitive interface to show progress and status of your jobs  

  • Easy to monitor conversion reports, and receive completion emails  

  • Quicker migration to Lightning  

  • Reduced build time that results in cost savings  

Salesforce Lightning Migration and Salesforce Lightning Development Approach

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