Discover New Revenue Opportunities With Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Imagine a sales system that adapts as your business changes. A system infused with consumer intelligence, sharing relevant information at the right moment. With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, customers can seamlessly transition from one B2B CMS to another. From a single platform, Salesforce unites key areas of the Customer 360 Platform, Billing, Partner Relationship Management, and B2B Commerce—creating a value-driven solution that creates an efficient customer experience across all your sales channels.  

Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps improve how your organization tracks, gauges, and prepares for customer transactions. The new platform includes up-to-date material from the latest sales cycle standards and data services from leading providers. It enables decision-making on the part of senior management as well as end-users who require prior actionable information about their purchases. It provides visibility around key accounts and functional areas, allowing sales teams to respond quickly to market forces and operational changes. salesforce revenue cloud and salesforce cpq implementation services

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services


Improve velocity, productivity, and accuracy of quotes to seamlessly generate new business, amendments, and renewals. Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings the flexibility to address various pricing models, which includes subscriptions, volume-based, and key customer pricing integrated with Products and Price Books in Salesforce. Jade Global has enabled several leading hi-tech organizations to scale their business operations and achieve sales excellence. Our Revenue Cloud & CPQ experts are available to help your organization optimally create and price deals, share consistent quotes, accelerate renewals, and enhance customer relationships. 

Why Leverage Jade as your Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Partner?

  • We help customers envision the journey to connect the front office, middle office, and back office with in-house consultants in various technologies with reference architectures  

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Accelerators, including best practices for designing the product structures for scalability, and multiple real-life use cases  

  • Certified Salesforce CPQ and Billing experts with experience implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud with multiple enterprise companies  

  • Expertise in implementing complete Lead-to-Cash lifecycle (CPQ + Billing + ERP)  

  • Accelerate your shift to a recurring revenue model  

  • Proven methodology to reduce implementation cost by up to 60%  

  • Up to 3X faster go-to-market of their New Product Introduction (NPI)  

  • Strong integration capabilities across many leading iPaaS solutions, including MuleSoft, Boomi, Informatica, TIBCO, and OIC, etc.,  

  • More than 30+ successful Revenue Cloud Implementations  

  • Ability to design a “First Time Right” solution that can scale with your business needs and growth 

Jade's Pre-built Quote-to-Cash Solution for the Hi-Tech Industry

Our exclusive solution for the high-tech industry is designed to help Software, Network Devices, Semicon, and Internet/Social Media companies manage their business processes more effectively. It is built on Salesforce with advanced and unified Salesforce Revenue Cloud capabilities.

The prebuilt hi-tech Quote-to-Cash solution contains four leading reference architectures using Salesforce CPQ, Billing, and integrations with ERP. The solution contains:

  • Sales Motions: New Sales, Amendments, and Renewals
  • Products: Hardware, Software, Subscriptions, Professional Services, Service Contracts, Warranty Contracts, and Bundles
  • Sales Use Cases: Perpetual Licenses, Subscriptions, Usage, Consumption-Based, and Milestone-Based
  • Integrations:
    • B2B – Distributor, Contract Manufacturer, Resellers, Licensing/Activation
    • App-to-App Integration – Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Fusion Apps, SAP, Zuora RevPro, and CLM solutions
    • iPaaS Platforms – Boomi, MuleSoft, and Informatica

How Can Jade Help You in Salesforce CPQ Implementation?

You can choose between Salesforce CPQ or Conga (Apttus) CPQ. We have extensively implemented both CPQ solutions-; therefore, we help you make an informed decision on the product that best suits your business needs.

The flow of data in the Lead-to-Cash lifecycle is the primary consideration while implementing CPQ. Jade has in-house capabilities in front-end systems in the form of Salesforce and middleware like Boomi, and Mulesoft, and back-end systems like NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, Workday, and SAP, etc.

salesforce revenue cloud and salesforce cpq implementation services salesforce revenue cloud and salesforce cpq implementation services salesforce revenue cloud and salesforce cpq implementation services

Expertise in implementing all SaaS scenarios (Net New Business, New Business, Upsell, Downsell, Upgrade, Downgrade, Product Swaps, Cancellations, Automated Renewal)
More than 50% of sales wins go to companies that are first responders. Long sales and quoting processes will negatively impact sales quota. CPQ is the ultimate sales tool for speed and efficiency. It eliminates manual quoting and simplifies business complexity, so your salespeople have more time to sell. CPQ drastically shortens the sales cycle by having one central location for all product and pricing information, providing guided selling recommendations, user-friendly interfaces and configurations that manage product complexity.
We are experienced advisory partners in helping customers successfully implement various selling models (One Time, Recurring, Usage based models, Capacity based models)
You can get following Non-GAAP metrics from your CPQ implementation for seamless coordination between finance and sales teams:
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Total Contract Value
  • Churn / Renewal Rates
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Avg. Revenue per User
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Revenue Backlog

Traditional Features: Experts at connecting Orders to ERP System (Billing Downstream)

New Features: Experts in doing billing Upstream using Salesforce Billing/ Conga (Apttus) Billing and invoicing (Lead-to-Invoice)

New Features: Experts in doing billing using Salesforce Billing/ Conga (Apttus) Billing and Payment gateway integrations upstream (syncing financial information downstream)


Benefits of Leveraging Jade as Your Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Partner

  • Establish (Critical) Success Criteria: Our advisory team partners with sales leadership to establish critical success criteria, including pricing configurations, quoting, contract, and e-signature integration.  

  • 360° Views: Sales reps and operations benefit from enhanced 360° views of each customer, service contract, adoption metric, renewal status, and order history  

  • Leading Use Cases: Ability to address complex use cases, including usage-based, value-based, subscription, uplift, ramps, complex discounting structures, and many other use cases  

  • Facilitate Change: Enable business readiness and optimize the enterprise footprint. Seamlessly sequence data and sales rep experiences to create a happy path for new customer contracts, renewals, and better customer relationships.  

  • Uncover Soft Requirements & Best Practices: Leverage guided selling to share how top performers navigate product selection, winning sales paths, and achieving quotas  

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