The Supply Chain Management (SCM) market is set to exceed $13 billion by end of 2017. Today’s supply chain companies need to improve the time to market of their products and services, and ensure that their systems are not the limiters but the enablers of their growth. The success of a business and its supply chain operations is increasingly determined by the business’ ability to react quickly to market forces and make smart decisions based on hard data. Modern supply chain needs modern applications that can help companies to improve the visibility, accuracy, mobility and collaboration across the extended supply chain.

To cope with the growing needs in the market Jade Global offers implementation of the full spectrum of Oracle’s supply chain products. Jade uses the blend of its SME driven designs and Jade’s proprietary Cloud implementation toolkit to provide industry leading Cloud based business processes for its customers.


Supply Chain Services

“Jade Global helped us implement the standardized financial processes leading to back office operational efficiencies across all our divisions and product lines. With their in-depth understanding of our industry and complex supply chain management helped us migrate quickly and efficiently. We are extremely pleased with their level of commitment to optimize our investment in Oracle Cloud”.

Alex Levran, President and CEO, SUMEC North America

Inventory Management is not a stand-alone business process that occurs after other processes are complete. It is a high-level process that is integrated into other supply chain planning processes including, Sales and Operations Planning, Master Production Scheduling and Supply Action Management. Modernizing the Inventory Management and transaction processes helps improve the accuracy, mobility and velocity of the inventory in warehouses and shop floors. It helps track and report costs and margins for individual purchases and sales with Oracle Cloud Cost Management. The inbuilt integrations with other business functions helps experience a seamless system through which one can track the inventory from receipt to shipment process.

As the level of attention paid to Procurement Management increases, procurement tends to become strategic in emphasis. Activities like long-term relationships, supplier development and total cost reduction are given importance rather than ordering and stock replenishing routines. Implementing best practices in Cloud using Jade’s Cloud methodologies helps optimize the supply chain spends. Oracle Cloud Procurement brings the best in practice industry along with a superior user experience in Cloud for helping supply chain firms manage their inventory and MRO purchases effectively and efficiently.

As the buyer side continues to struggle with increasing regulatory requirements, having the right compliance tools becomes more important in today’s trading environment, where tracking the risk is key. Thus, Order Management systems have become essential for companies to regulate and maintain the right stock in their warehouse. Oracle Cloud Order Management provides a rule based integrated platform with financial and inventory management functions to make the order to cash process efficient on the Cloud. Jade brings a team with extensive industry knowledge to help configure the Cloud environment precisely to provide the best possible customer service and help improve the margins and reporting on sales and distribution functions.

The manufacturing sector has undergone a tremendous change the past decade: large developing companies have leap frogged into the first tier of manufacturing. Severe recession has choked off demand for many global large scale manufacturers. Still, manufacturing remains critically important to both the emerging and the established companies. The manufacturing sector has changed—bringing both opportunities and challenges—and neither business leaders nor policy makers can rely on old responses in the new manufacturing environment. Oracle Manufacturing Cloud enables organizations to set their applications for scalability, modernization, mobility and guided user navigations. Jade Global has extensive expertise in Cloud Manufacturing and costing processes to help these companies with rapid adoption of Cloud Manufacturing.

Oracle’s Cloud Planning Central helps businesses collect all the supply and demand data from their applications and provide and interactive, exception based guided user experience to proactively and collaboratively balance the supply and demands and align the entire business around the integrated business plan. Jade Global brings its subject matter expertise and extensive experience in the planning function to help companies stay ahead of the supply chain disruptions and optimize the entire supply chain.

Change in economic scenario, structural breaks and dynamic trends increases volatility, uncertainty, and complexity and, thus, limit logistical predictability. Cloud Logistics preserves the characteristics of scalability and elasticity, thereby integrating and complementing the objectives of organization. This helps improve the logistics performance in this volatile, uncertain and complex environment. Jade Global helps move a company’s warehousing and logistic to the best in Cloud applications for all the enterprise needs including warehousing, transportation, and trade compliance. Logistics Cloud brings a real-time inventory visibility, cuts down operational costs by up to 30% and increases the supply chain velocity by over 50%. Jade Global with its deep expertise in the logistics domain helps its customers leverage the best in class Oracle Cloud applications and compete in their markets.

Over the last decade, Product Lifecycle Management has become one of the key technological and organizational approaches and enablers for the effective management of product development and product creation processes. Oracle Cloud Product Lifecycle Management helps you accelerate your idea to product process to commercialize products faster in the market through. It provides built-in integrations with inventory and logistics, costing, manufacturing, quality, and order management processes to lower your implementation cost significantly. Jade Global brings in its Cloud implementation toolkit to help with the faster time to value to its customers.

Like the other information management solutions, Master Data Management (MDM) solutions are also becoming Cloud based. This means that the purchase of the solution becomes easier. Earlier MDM solutions had been heavy to maintain which now becomes lighter due to Cloud. The new Cloud based solutions are more flexible, easier to scale and become available for also smaller organizations. Oracle’s Cloud Product Master Data Management helps customers consolidate their product information used by multiple systems and applications in a single source of truth. MDM helps improve the collaboration between multiple users of product data and helps integrate all boundary systems. It also helps build governance and compliance in your organization.