Analytics Cloud

Before the introduction of Analytics Cloud, many businesses used Reports and Dashboards and expensive BI solutions in an attempt to fulfill complex reporting needs. With the Analytics Cloud, your business can gain actionable insights while reducing the need for dedicated expensive skillsets – providing a disruptive opportunity. Those days of attempting to handle all your intricate reporting needs or getting consolidated insights on multiple datasets across a complex system landscape, are gone. Leverage every team member to gain a higher level of insight and move to a data rich decision making organization. At Jade Global, we work with some of the most innovative and game-changing technology companies in the world - we understand winning models for analytics.


Flexible User Interface

Collaborate with your team across all devices - laptops, mobile devices and tablets for effective and on-the-go analytics.

Search Driven Design

Search based design facilitates easier user database searches with simple interfaces and search engine functionality

Data Visualization

Access all your data in a matter of clicks with a customizable, intuitive visual dashboard design

Instant Insights

Explore data from multiple instances within your organization dynamically to discover trends and visualize key performance indicators

Security and Governance

Ensure security and access permissions using’s security model and role based hierarchy for data governance, data, dashboards and reports

Integrate with ETL Tools

Connect various third party data sources and ETL tools - the list of connectors available continues to grow with the essence of structured data sources, legacy systems and social media

Why Jade?

Technical and Functional Expertise

We have demonstrated our expertise in analysis with our successful Analytics Cloud implementations. With our skilled resources, we can convert your complex analysis needs into simple, user friendly reports and dashboards

Catering to the Best in the Business

We have a proven track record in helping our customers with their intricate analysis and reporting needs. We work with high profile clients from the Computer Networking, Technology, Digital Media, Healthcare, Automobile and Retail industries



We help customers to explore any combination of data, get answers instantly and share insights with the team

We are Your Partner

We collaborate with your team to help leverage insights to track business performance and get a comprehensive view of the big picture with analytics

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