IT organizations try to improve service levels by automating their service offerings. To do this, they need to have a clear, accurate and real time visibility of all the elements of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Capturing, maintaining and verifying this information manually will be extremely challenging and time consuming. The ServiceNow Discovery product helps enterprises to create an accurate and up‑to-date single system of record of the enterprise infrastructure. It identifies IP‑enabled Configuration Items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Jade Global’s RightStart ServiceNow Discovery package is a rapid implementation service for designing and configuring ServiceNow Discovery to automatically populate ONLY the scoped Configuration Item (CI) Classes and CI Relationships. Jade’s implementations specialists make configurations and updates to ServiceNow that reflect the requirements of the organization. The Jade RightStart approach includes Discovery Setup, Service-mapping and device discovery.

Discovery of Devices

The Jade team of ServiceNow Discovery specialists have extensive experience in Discovery Configurations, supporting UI Configurations, Discovery execution across clients’ security environments, Analysis of Discovery Logs and Troubleshooting for different type of devices.

WMI Devices

Windows Servers, Windows Workstations

SSH Devices

Unix and Linux Servers, Unix and Linux Workstations

SNMP Devices

SNMP Devices with out-of-the-box OIDs, SNMP Devices with custom OIDs

Virtualized CIs and Software

Virtualized CIs (VMware / Hyper-V), software

Application Instances

Database Instances, Application Server and Web Server Instances

AWS and Storage

AWS via AWS Credentials, Storage via CIM Credentials

Custom Probe

Development and rigorous testing to ensure the Custom Discovery Probe and Sensor consistently discovers the scoped CIs.

Jade Global’s experience of implementing RightStart for multiple clients to deliver the modules, functionality, and features have laid the foundation of collaboration, automation, and ultimately a better user experience of ServiceNow Discovery for enterprises.

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