IT Asset Management

There is a wealth of paraphernalia supporting your business processes. What is it? How much does it cost you to accomplish the daily functions of your business? These are questions that consistently plague businesses when IT is unable to provide transparency to the delivery of necessary services.

Jade Global’s RightStart Asset Management implementation of ServiceNow, leverages the standard out-of-the-box functionality while providing an organization with the necessary expertise to deploy the practices supporting the IT lifecycle management. Jade’s implementation specialists rapidly configure the ServiceNow environment and get an organization on RightStart based on coordinated templates derived from multiple previous client engagements. RightStart manages the IT systems more effectively, saving time and money by promoting reuse of existing resources and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Hardware Asset Management

Jade implementation specialists will assist you in the initial configuration of asset categories and specific attributes for the different types of assets. This information will be utilized to build an effective practice that assists your organization in

Deployment and reclamation of assets

Asset disposition – critical in regulated environments

Inventory management – automated reordering, transfers and location tracking

Shipment receiving and recording

Software Asset Management

Managing the software packages and licenses across your enterprise can be a time consuming and high risk endeavor. Software vendors are becoming much more proactive at tracking license abuse and it is increasingly critical that you are able to manage the lifecycle of application usage across your user base. Software Asset Management, facilitated by Jade’s RightStart implementation, streamlines your asset management process transition into ServiceNow by including

License allocation

Entitlement tracking

License reclamation