Service Portal

IT organizations constantly face the challenge of providing a modular interface framework that is visually appealing and engaging for their stakeholders. How can IT organizations change from an ‘IT-out’ mentality, to building solutions from ‘customer-in’ perspective? The ServiceNow Service Portal is a solid solution providing self-service and automation across the offerings that ultimately makes the customer happier and reduces the work of the service providers.

Jade Global’s RightStart Service Portal package is a rapid implementation service that leverages pre-developed user interface modules to effectively present the organization’s service catalog to the end user community. RightStart packages deliver the modules, functionality, and features that are designed to lay the collaborative foundation, automation, and ultimately a better user experience. RightStart implementation packages incorporate experience developed over multiple successful implementations, best practice processes, formal methodology, and Jade Global’s ServiceNow expertise.

Interface Design

Jade implementation specialists assist in the initial configuration of suitable service offerings for different user groups. We assist in the consolidation of work processes and approval cycles to streamline the request, delivery, approval, and tracking of an organization’s services through their lifecycle.

Configuration of service requests and combinations of requests

Automated notifications for submission, approval, and completion stages

Task breakdown across multiple fulfillers

Automated task assignment configurable by asset, category, and/ or service

RightStart Process

Jade’s RightStart rapid implementation process is a proven technique in which Jade process and implementation specialists come together in client workshops to ensure a solid understanding of the current environment and future goals. A combination of face-to-face and virtual workshops drive the gathering of requirements and supporting documentation for the entire asset lifecycle and help determine the best practical implementation of those requirements.