Customer Service Management

In today’s connected environment, it is an imperative to have an end-to-end visibility of the issues that are raised by the customer base. Legacy solutions fall short by only providing a customer-based solution, and not the insights into the full problem resolving engine that could analyze the root-cause of the issue.

Jade Global’s RightStart Customer Service Management implementation leverages the standard Out-Of-The-Box functionality of ServiceNow while providing an organization the full visibility and solid communication throughout the resolution cycle. Customers are informed at set intervals as their issues go through the full resolution cycle. Account Managers have full insight into the issues that are impacting their clients to proactively address concerns. The Service Management teams are kept “in the loop” for early notification of issues and could respond dynamically to customer and account manager queries through a variety of mediums. Coordinated templates derived from the experiences of multiple client engagements allow Jade implementation specialists to rapidly configure the ServiceNow platform. They get an organization on the RightStart to manage the customer service solution more effectively, saving time and money by promoting reuse of existing resources and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Customer Service

Jade implementation specialists assist in the initial configuration of the Customer Service Management solution. This information is utilized to build an effective practice that assists organizations with

Targeted Communications

proactively contact customers via targeted and time-based content publications

Self-service Administration

self manage customer’s own profile via a customer specific portal

Account Management

handle complex account hierarchies and control data access

Special Handling Instructions

on-screen alerts to improve agent productivity

Asset Contact Relationships

asset data control based on asset assignment

Knowledge Management

knowledge access control based on customer products

Field Services

As a part of the Customer Service Management Suite, Field Services benefit from the addition of Targeted Communications and Special Handling notes through


Mobile Technician

enables the field technicians to create part requirements, manage assets, and record activity in real time via mobile devices

Centralized Dispatch

provides visualization into tasks and planned times, allowing for the intelligent assignment of suitable technicians for specific tasks