Human Resource Management

The most common challenge faced by the Human Resource department is to timely deliver employee services that rely on the coordination of multiple departments. ServiceNow provides a scalable platform that enables an intuitive and efficient coordination of services within multiple departments. Jade Global, a ServiceNow partner, provides the services and solutions to help leverage the platform and maximize the ServiceNow investment.

Jade Global’s RightStart Human Resources Management leverages the standard Out-Of-The-Box functionality of ServiceNow while supporting an organization’s Employee Onboarding, Off-boarding, Transfer, Benefits, Payroll, Disciplinary Actions, and HR Documentation. Functionality expertise derived from the experiences of multiple client engagements helps Jade implementation specialists to rapidly configure the ServiceNow environment. We get organizations on the RightStart to manage HR systems more effectively, saving time and money by promoting reuse of existing resources and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Self Service

Jade implementation specialists carry out the initial configuration of an HR Service Portal giving the employees the ability to search for the available HR documentation, request benefit and payroll information, and create tailored employee requests with task level tracking. This information is then utilized to build an effective practice that assists an organization in:

  • Onboarding, off-boarding, transfer requests
  • Asset acquisition and recovery
  • Searching current documentation

Onboarding, Off-boarding, and Transfers

Jade experts have a case oriented approach that enables the employee track all the activity associated with an employee’s lifecycle. The functionality extends to:

  • Managerial approvals at the case and tasks level
  • Hardware and software allocation
  • Facilities integration (requires additional features)
  • Automated notification and escalation of activities

HR Knowledge

Jade Global’s expertise assists in the deployment and management of the HR knowledge system by providing the ability for HR to share relevant information on:

  • Employee benefit packages
  • Travel and expense policies
  • Job openings and available training

Continuous Service Improvement

Jade Global’s solution specialists leverage the ServiceNow platform for Human Resources to proactively improve the delivery of their services. Real time dashboards and reporting make it easy to understand the volume and types of service, and individual workloads handled by the organization. This helps the HR function to optimize resources, communicate HR value to the business and analyze and refine service offerings.

Jade’s certified ServiceNow implementation specialists have extensive ServiceNow platform and application expertise and help organizations standardize their processes, measure effectiveness and provide faster return on ServiceNow investments.