M&A Consolidation

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are great opportunities to achieve growth, expand lines of business and create transformational change within the organization. However, it also manifests a great deal of confusion and risk regarding personnel, best practices and business applications such as CRM and ERP.M&A consolidation initiatives are challenging intra-organizational projects fraught with complexity and potential for failure. Scalability, application integration, and an optimized maintenance and support model for the suite of IT applications are critical to complete a successful M&A consolidation.

Jade Global, with a clear end state vision, understands how to avoid velocity leakage in managing integration strategy. Jade helps you leverage the best features and capabilities within the Salesforce platform to allow employees, customers and channels to come together to sell, service and deliver better results to your customers. Integrating customer facing functions like sales, customer support and marketing are crucial to provide a consistent and simplified customer experience. Our industry best practices and accelerators simplify legacy application conversions and integrations to CRM, ERP, and other third party applications. With Jade’s M&A Consolidation services, business teams can transend smoothly from multiple platforms and instances into one streamlined solution with no disruption, improving the overall reporting and performance.

Why Jade Global for your M&A transactions?

Relevant and Effective Objective Setting

Drives the planning and program chartering process, establishing expectations and creating trust amongst employees, management and IT teams

Business Process Reengineering

Represents an opportunity to engage SMEs and front-line employees to build consensus and efficiently eliminate multiple, redundant instances for sales and service applications into a more manageable footprint. In turn, this lowers TCO and enables teams to sell and support a larger basket of products and services

Data Quality Dashboards

Help organizations execute perfect data migration, with pipeline, entitlement and customer data

Proprietary Data Analysis Tools

Guarantee proactive detection of data migration issues, drastic reduction of data migration errors, simplified impact and issue identification when data from multiple source systems converge

Archived Legacy and Configuration Data

Of CRM systems prior to consolidation, ensures access to legacy data for compliance purposes and any data forensics required in the future

Transaction Data Migration Best Practices

Enable data transaction integrity at all times, including in process workflow transactions, accelerating consolidation and avoiding productivity draining validation phases. Workflow integrity enables customer agents and sales staff to continue ongoing transactions in the new system without resets

Simplified Integrated CRM Architecture

Allows organizations to standardize with third party ETL tools, assuring improved integration accuracy while achieving elegant orchestrations

Templated Project Delivery

Saves time and budget, providing a rich framework to move quickly and help teams focus on activities with the greatest impact

Standardized Change Management

Processes and communication artifacts for each stage of the CRM M&A project increases program execution velocity and enables key stakeholders to be informed of activity milestones

The Jade Global Advantage

Value Driven

Effectively and efficiently integrate multiple instances for sales and service applications into a more manageable footprint, lowering TCO and reducing complexity

MDM Realized

Reduce the number of integration points, middleware tools and workarounds - achieve a single 360° view of customers, deals, partners and service quality


Consolidation and Collaboration

Enable the people in the organization to have common processes while retaining the ability to provide business process level flexibility for different product groups, geographies and lines of business

Reduced Fragmentation

Eliminate redundant and multiple cloud instances while providing instant insight for sales performance and service quality, across different regions, products and currencies


Best Practices and Maturity

Provide a common framework for IT and business to focus on impact and meet expectations for stakeholders - deliver a more consistent experience for customers