Salesforce Health Check and Optimization

Salesforce CRM instances contain integral data that provides an organization with insights on sales trajectory, customer engagement and funnel velocity. However, all the benefits can only be availed only if the data is complete and accurate. If the data is not accurate, then the Salesforce environment consumes excessive computing resources, incurs concurrent transactions and kills the overall performance. There are also instances wherein the Salesforce environment has too many unmanaged and hanging metadata components causing security risks and concerns – which also adversely affects the scalability of the Salesforce environment.

The unnecessary technical debt burdens the Salesforce environment with runtime limits and heavily increases the administrative and maintenance costs. Jade Global’s Salesforce HealthCheck is a carefully crafted program designed to review the efficiency and effectiveness of the Salesforce ecosystem. The results of the HealthCheck are documented recommendations relating to performance, stability, scalability and security ensuring that Salesforce will match the maturity of the current business model thereby augmenting the strategic future roadmap enterprise-wide. The HealthCheck optimizes metadata, refactors customizations and reduces technical debt ensuring a more stable, scalable, secured and capable Salesforce ecosystem.


Increased Productivity

Reduced operation costs, manual errors & inefficiency and increase productivity across business teams

Business Focus

Improved focus on business instead of maintenance and administration of Salesforce components

Scalable IT Footprint

Simplified and scalable IT footprint with ease to accommodate current and future business team requirements

Empower In-house IT Teams

Empowered in-house IT team to deliver strategic initiatives instead of admin and maintenance tasks

Optimized Licensing

Channelized license distribution leading to a lowered license cost with no underutilization of the licenses

Increased Velocity

Accelerated velocity of current and future application enhancements with lowered TCO for the Salesforce environment

Jade Global HealthCheck Advantage

Quicker Troubleshooting

Quicker troubleshooting through concurrent communication to IT teams in case of any failures

Unified Deployment Template

Unified template for deployment with automated steps minimizing manual intervention and reduce deployment time


Technical Best Practices

Audit of the existing Salesforce environment before recommendation and optimization of the environment for an improved focus on high impact business value initiatives


A full suite of skillsets for a personalized experience with expertise in end-to-end instances