Cloud Managed Services

Migration to Cloud has become a strategic priority for enterprises. However, this transition is fraught with challenges that includes the use of multitude of systems that are all on-premise and in various stages of versioning and update statuses, leading to compliance and functionality issues. There is also a genuine concern about security, time to transition, ease of adoption, and conversion to name a few.

Jade Global, a Cloud Transformation partner helps enterprises understand, implement and manage their Cloud ecosystems. Our solution reduces the cost and risk of transition to Cloud by delivering IP driven solutions with clearly defined processes and predictable outcomes that focus on meeting the customer’s requirements.


Reduced Cost of Operation

Reduce time to market, time to fix and complexity, and reduce the cost of running your web-scale IT by 50%.

End-to-End Visibility

Provide end-to-end visibility and control of services across private/public Clouds, and assure security and compliance.

Ease of Maintenance

Enable live migration, auto-scaling, self-repair & self-protection.

Operational Flexibility

Provides bursting into Cloud during runtime on commodity infrastructure and without vendor lock-in.

Out-of-the-Box Support

Operating Systems
Ubuntu, Red Hat Centos

Runtime Middleware
Apache Tomcat; JBoss; MySQL; PHP; MongoDB; PostgreSQL; WordPress; Joomla; JW Player; All Java programs; All OS native compiled programs e.g., C; C++; Python etc.

Infrastructure Supported
VMWare; AWS; CenturyLink Cloud; Oracle IaaS; Cisco Intercloud; Azure; OpenStack; Docker

Policy Based Application Behaviors
Blueprint, API and GUI based configuration; Pause; Restart; auto-failover; auto-scaling; live-migration of applications & workflows stateless or stateful; dynamic cluster provisioning

Why Jade?

Jade’s Cloud Equalizer

Configure, monitor and control any distributed application (brown-field or green-field) to optimize its availability, performance, security, and compliance within or across private, public, or hybrid Clouds.

Jade’s Smart Discovery Agent

Discover profiles, and migrate any distributed application, including filesystems and databases, to any public, private, or hybrid Cloud.


Evolutionary Assessment

Jade Global’s evolutionary assessment of IT ecosystem includes assessment of Cloud to suit the existing ecosystem, transition existing landscape to ‘on-demand’ models in Cloud and providing a single point of responsibility for the entire landscape.

Unique Migration Model

The model is designed with close collaboration of Enterprise IT and Line of Business owners, and has been validated in live IT Cloud environments.


Technology Building Blocks

Introduce cognition to application ecosystem, and implement blueprint based policies for end-to-end service configuration, monitoring and control.

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