Helpdesk and Operations Command Center

The key to better customer satisfaction is engaging the customer to fulfill their requirements. Enterprises have to take that extra step to deliver beyond the SLA and provide appropriate support pre and post project implementation. IT Helpdesks and Operations Command Centers have to move from traditional methods of solving problems, to empowering customers and instituting a multi-tiered troubleshooting approach that caters to a diverse range of technologies and platforms. The inability to provide prompt customer support leads to customer dissatisfaction and thus loss of business.

Jade Global helps enterprises by providing preventive maintenance for end-to-end IT service by implementing 24X7 pro-active monitoring, alert management & incident orchestration. Our unique global monitoring operations and management model provides enterprises with 24x7 continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance. This enhances the customers’ experience and reduces support costs substantially.


Remote Monitoring

24x7 proactive monitoring to identify any failures in network, storage, servers or any part of IT infrastructure

Cost Effective Preventive Maintenance Solutions

Jade proprietary and tool based preventive and proactive maintenance experience reduces reoccurring issues, that in turn reduces costs with enhanced customer experience

Health Checks

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly health checks of network storage server to identify the variations from baseline key performance indicators and form a basis for capacity planning

Incident response and Orchestrations

Manual and automatic responses to any incidents within 30 mins (or as defined on the SLAs agreed with the client)

Why Jade?

Proprietary Knowledge

Tool based proactive problem management that identifies any anomaly in system behavior and sends appropriate alerts

Incident based approach

Team works on definitive post-mortem analysis with actionable insights


Knowledge Management

A greater flexibility, utilization and scalability of required resource to respond to incidents

Cognitive Containment

Automated early warning signals before the incidents to provide predictive analysis of the situation