Xenon’s BPFT feature helps you to create business process tests by selecting pre-defined Actions. Alternately, it also allows you to create your own actions that can be applied to business processes. This means that every action can be used differently for a different business process which can then be merged together and called in sequence as per specific end-to-end scenarios. It is integrated with Redwood HQ which is an open source framework and inherits all the features of this tool.

  • Module Based Testing: Xenon enables module-based testing thus, powering users to capture end-to-end business processes and auto-generate documents, test steps, etc. This also helps identify errors & bugs in smaller chunks of program.
  • Packaged Applications: Xenon can perform packaged application testing for various enterprise solutions such as Oracle, Salesforce and many others. This augments application performance as well as shorter testing cycles, automation and efficient testing processes.
  • ROI: Xenon allows non-coders, such as subject matter experts and business specialists, to quickly collaborate and create tests for the entire business process. This expedites the test design and allows QA teams to ramp up quicker thus leading to a shortened time-to-deployment.

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