Very often large systems have over thousands of defects. Each of these defects need to be evaluated & monitored for debugging. It is also seen that often bugs may need to be tracked over a longer duration to ensure optimum performance of systems.

Defect tracking is an important process, as complex and business-critical systems are dependent on it. Xenon is an efficient, easy-to-use, and reliable bug-tracking tool which helps track defect through the entire SLC. It is a system for reporting and tracking errors and bugs in web or software development. It is user-friendly and helps both the development and testing teams by providing the completed defect life cycle flow.

  • Defect Life Cycle Support: Xenon supports your agile process by mapping your release pan with your defects.
  • Automated Defect Tracking: Create and assign manual bugs or automatically create bugs from test automation scripts including steps reproduction and screenshots.
  • Integration to JIRA: Pre-built bi-directional Jira integration to create/retrieve bugs.
  • Enhance Productivity: Get instant notifications, view activity feeds and progress dashboards fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity.

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