Xenon assists users in managing complete test lifecycle for manual as well as automation testing needs for web and non-web enterprise applications. We understand that most businesses leverage custom software or software updates regularly. To ensure a continued level of capability and efficiency, through these deployments and upgrades businesses need to devise a flawless strategy to manage their software development projects from beginning to end. This is where Xenon’s complete test lifecycle offerings can play a crucial role. Here’s a look at the various.

  • Smart Test Cases Management: Xenon allows you to manage your business processes and end-to-end test scenarios effectively. It offers complete web-based test case management solution to efficiently manage, track, and organize all software testing efforts.
  • Making Testing Agile: Create, manage and schedule agile test sets for both manual and automation testing with the help of Xenon to achieve continuous integration between development and testing.
  • Automated Defect Tracker: Create and link defects automatically through Xenon. This will help you get test results back to your development team faster thereby reducing the risk and cost of fixing defects later.
  • Integrated Search: Improve team productivity through comprehensive search feature. This helps the development team to look and find what they need within appropriate time and take action accordingly.
  • Document Library: Xenon boasts of a document library that functions as a central repository for all your testing document needs so that they are easily accessible as and when needed.

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