Xenon helps you to generate comprehensive and accurate reports with multiple layers of detail which include release report, module wise runs and reports, bugs identified in modules, individual test runs, aggregated results for test milestones, as well as project-level reports. These include graphs and statistics relating to your issues, tests and runs. Better visualization enables better bug tracking and resolution. This helps the team to easily draw out actionable items.

  • Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards: Xenon is powered by several pre-built reports and dashboards suitable to specific domains. This improves and accelerates speed of decision making with actionable insights leveraging existing prebuilt or customized reports.
  • Customized Reports: Xenon enables customized reports that link all stakeholders, and provide a business and operational view of your testing performance, along with actionable information for quickly addressing variance, quality issues.
  • Project Level Test Matrix: Project level test matrix dashboards are an integral part of end-to-end KPI, management matrix and measurement of testing projects. This plays a key role in effective and efficient testing.
  • Predict: Rich dashboards in Xenon with trend analysis capabilities aid in predictive outcomes and continuous improvements. This helps fix errors before they lead to inefficiencies and resource costs.

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